David Lillis: MAMS: Multi Agent MicroServices

MAMS: Multi Agent MicroServices

Rem W. Collier, Eoin O'Neill, David Lillis and Gregory M. P. O'Hare

In Companion Proceedings of the 2019 World Wide Web Conference (WWW '19), pages 655--662, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2019. ACM.


This paper explores the intersection between microservices and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), introducing an approach to building MAS known as Multi-Agent MicroServices (MAMS). This approach is motivated in the context of the main properties of microservices and is illustrated through a worked example of a Vickrey Auction implemented as a microservice. The motivation for this work is to facilitate the creation of MAS that can be deployed using the same infrastructure as Hypermedia Systems; offering a closer and more natural integration with hypermedia resources. Further, we believe that our approach enables the creation of reusable components that can be interwoven within both larger MAS and more traditional microservices ecosystems.