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I am an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science in University College Dublin. I teach in the Beijing-Dublin International College (a joint college with Beijing University of Technology) on both the Internet of Things Engineering and Software Engineering degree courses.

I previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the CLARITY Centre in University College Dublin, where my work primarily concerned the SIXTH sensor middleware framework.

I am the primary developer of ACRE (Agent Conversation Reasoning Engine). ACRE is designed to furnish agent platforms (and, by extension, the agents themselves) with the facilities necessary for reasoning about conversations, along with a set of tools to aid Agent Oriented software developers in the creation of interaction-heavy Multi Agent Systems. ACRE was the subject of my PhD thesis, which was entitled ``Internalising Interaction Protocols as First-Class Programming Elements in Multi Agent Systems''.

My principal research interests are in the areas of information retrieval, digital forensics, interaction protocols in multi agent systems, and wireless sensor networks. I am a developer of the Agent Factory Framework and contribute to ASTRA.

I worked as a Research Assistant investigating the applicability of data fusion in Information Retrieval as part of the SIFT project. My MSc thesis was written while working as part of the HOTAIR Project (Highly Organised Teams of Agents for Information Retrieval), which was affiliated to the Intelligent Information Retrieval Group. This was under the supervision of Rem Collier, Fergus Toolan and John Dunnion.

In addition to the MSc, I also hold a Higher Diploma in Computer Science from UCD and a BA (Hons) in Law and Accounting from the University of Limerick. My Final Year Project was an investigation into the tort of Defamation on the Internet.

I have lectured in UCD, Griffith College Dublin and Fudan University, Shanghai, China. I was Local Organising Chair for the AmI-2013 conference and was a member of the Organising Committee for the ICEP conference from 2009 to 2012.

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