David Lillis: UCD SIFT in the TREC 2010 Web Track

UCD SIFT in the TREC 2010 Web Track

David Leonard, Lusheng Zhang, David Lillis, Fergus Toolan, Rem W. Collier and John Dunnion

In E. Voorhees and L. Buckland, editors, Proceedings of the Nineteenth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC 2010), Gaithersburg, MD, 2011.


The SIFT (Segmented Information Fusion Techniques) group in UCD is dedicated to researching Data Fusion in Information Retrieval. This area of research involves the merging ofmultiple sets of results into a single result set that is presented to the user. As a means of both evaluating the effectiveness of this work and comparing it against other retrieval systems, the group entered Category B of the TREC 2010 Web Track. This involved the use of freely-available Information Retrieval tools to provide inputs to the data fusion process. This paper outlines the strategies of the 3 candidate fusion algorithms entered in the ad-hoc task, discusses the methodology employed for the runs and presents a preliminary analysis of the provisional results issued by TREC.