David Lillis: About Publications List Generator


The Publications List Generator aims to make it easy to convert a BibTeX file containing your references into a HTML list that can easily be displayed on your personal homepage.

It is based on a WebMake plugin I wrote to allow me to put my own publications on this site, extracting them from a BibTeX file.


Users provide a BibTeX file that contains their publications, although it may also contain other publications. If it does contain other publications, users must specify which publications they wish to include in their list.


The uploaded BibTeX file is initially saved on the server. Next, a .aux file is created using either the keys specified by the user, or all the keys contained in the BibTeX file if none in particular are specified. This .aux file also references the desired style file. The command-line ``bibtex" program is then run on these files. The resulting .bbl file is then parsed and converted into HTML. All files created during this process are deleted afterwards.

In order to facilitate the use of CSS to apply styles to the output, the <h3> header tags containing the year are given the class ``bibyear" and each publication in the list is given the class ``bibitem''.

The program seems to handle the output of all the styles currently available. Other styles can be added if requested.


Feedback is most welcome and can be sent by email. Please see my contact page.